Sun Garden of Extremes

Plants that Need Extremes to Perform Their Best

This garden features plants and materials often unique to extremes: high light, very low soil moisture and fertility, extreme heat, coastal salt spray, and often times relentless drying winds. Many situations such as this exist in Palm Beach County, often closer to the coastline. Most plants featured in this garden not only tolerate extremes, they must have extremes to prosper.

With limits on resources, watering a garden can become an issue. This garden provides a solution and utilizes plants that require a minimum use of water. Even in periods of drought, a garden such as this one can go for weeks without additional watering. The use of certain species of cacti, fleshy leaved plants and conifers have been designed to give a feeling of a lush green landscape without tapping into precious water resources. Take note that most of these plants require well drained soil.

Collection Highlights
Ihosy Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium lamerei ‘Ihosy’), produces white flowers in summer.
Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii), very popular species that produces yellow flowers.
Octopus Century Plant (Agave vilmoriniana)
Mouse Trap Tree (Uncarina grandidieri)

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