Garden of Tranquility

Inspiring Peace and Tranquility

This serene garden experience was created by combining natural elements of stone, wood, and living plant materials. The hand-carved relief wall is of Indonesian design while other elements are contrived from Chinese, Japanese and other Asian influences. The objective is to inspire peace and tranquility – a spiritual place for the mind and soul. The interpretation of the space is subjective, and in the eyes and consciousness of the beholder.

Designed to create a simple and clean landscape as a blank canvas for the viewer’s imagination and spirit.
Bamboo fencing on three sides isolates and delineates the space.

The Garden of Tranquility was generously funded through a grant from the Community Garden Green Fund of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties. The grant was underwritten by the Gentlemen of the Garden, initiated by honorary board member Robert Eigelberger.