Gazebo Garden

An Intimate Gathering Space

A favorite spot for wedding ceremonies, this garden surrounding the gazebo is covered in dappled shade, foliage and flower color year-round. Five large Black Olive trees; in which orchids and ferns can be found growing on the lower trunks, provide the shade. The gazebo offers the visitor a spot to sit quietly and rest while enjoying a panoramic view of color, texture and exceptional garden composition. Two open spaces, bordered with beautiful shrubs and flowers, flank the main walkway to the gazebo and provide seating space for wedding or other ceremonies.

Garden Views:

Main approach to the Gazebo.
View from the west side.
View from the rear portion of the garden.
East garden gathering/seating area.
West garden gathering/seating area.

Garden Highlight:

Summer Poinsettia (Mussaenda philippica ‘Aurorae’)

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