Photography Contest

The Mounts Botanical Photography Contest is an annual spring-summer contest and fundraiser. The contest is open to amateur photographers; for this contest, a professional is defined as anyone who derives income from photography or anyone who has marketed work in the past, who is presently marketing work, or who has copyrighted images with the intent to market them.

All images submitted to the contest become property of the Garden for use in social media and for other promotional purposes, with photo credit to the photographer wherever possible.

Congratulations to our 2021 Photo Contest Winners!

Best in Show

Vicki Paley for her nature closeup

Animal Life

1st Place – Carri Lager
2nd Place – Felix Castro
3rd Place – Connie Wagner

Nature Closeup

1st Place – Paula Gatrell
2nd Place – Ron Hilliard
3rd Place – Stephanie Ovdiyenko

People in the Garden

1st Place – Carri Lager
2nd Place – William Wagner
3rd Place – Connie Wagner

Plant Life

1st Place – Stephanie Ovdiyenko
2nd Place – Eric Alliger
3rd Place – Anne Dignam

Scenic Landscape

1st Place – Ralph Napolitano
2nd Place – Maris Newmark
3rd Place – David Cohen

Thanks to our Judges

Nature photographers, Debbie Sandler and Dina Ligotino