Photography Contest

Congratulations to our 2020 Photography Contest Winners!

Best in Show: Jo Ann Ricchiuti, Plant Life

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mentions
Click on an image to enlarge and to see who the winning photographer is.

Animal Life:
1st Place, Connie Wagner
2nd Place, Jo Ann Ricchiuti
3rd Place, Connie Wagner

Art in the Garden:
1st Place, Carri Lager
2nd Place, Melanie Valentine

Nature Closeup:
1st Place, Rachel Bradshaw
2nd Place, Bruce Harting
3rd Place, Rachel Bradshaw
Honorable Mention, Jo Ann Ricchiuti
Honorable Mention, Stephanie Ovdiyenko

People in the Garden:
1st Place, William Wagner
2nd Place, Connie Wagner
3rd Place, Paula Gatrell

Plant Life:
1st Place, William Wagner
2nd Place, Michelle Surrena
3rd Place, Stephanie Ovdiyenko
Honorable Mention, Paula Gatrell

Scenic Landscape:
1st Place, Shelley Varnum
2nd Place, Rachel Bradshaw
3rd Place, Carri Lager

Thanks to our guest judges: Alan Chin Lee, nature photographer and Robert Hopper, native plant expert.

Our 2021 Photo Contest will be announced in January!