Photography Contest

Congratulations to our 2020 Photography Contest Winners!

Best in Show: Jo Ann Ricchiuti, Plant Life

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mentions
Click on an image to enlarge and to see who the winning photographer is.

Animal Life:
1st Place, Connie Wagner
2nd Place, Jo Ann Ricchiuti
3rd Place, Connie Wagner

Art in the Garden:
1st Place, Carri Lager
2nd Place, Melanie Valentine

Nature Closeup:
1st Place, Rachel Bradshaw
2nd Place, Bruce Harting
3rd Place, Rachel Bradshaw
Honorable Mention, Jo Ann Ricchiuti
Honorable Mention, Stephanie Ovdiyenko

People in the Garden:
1st Place, William Wagner
2nd Place, Connie Wagner
3rd Place, Paula Gatrell

Plant Life:
1st Place, William Wagner
2nd Place, Michelle Surrena
3rd Place, Stephanie Ovdiyenko
Honorable Mention, Paula Gatrell

Scenic Landscape:
1st Place, Shelley Varnum
2nd Place, Rachel Bradshaw
3rd Place, Carri Lager

Thanks to our guest judges: Alan Chin Lee, nature photographer and Robert Hopper, native plant expert.

Our 2021 Photo Contest will be announced in May to coincide with National Public Gardens Week. Submitted photos can date back to August 2020.