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Learning Experiences for Children, Families and Students

Mounts Botanical Garden offers unique programs for children and families as well as educational experiences for students in grades K-5.

Special Programs – October 2018-April 2019:
11/09/18 – Stories in the Garden – An Outdoor Eco-Literacy Experience
02/23/19 – Family Fun Mini Maker Fair
03/30/19 – Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen

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Calling all Agriscientists!

Join us in our educational journey as we take learning about science outside the traditional classroom and into the garden! Elementary students are invited on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10-11:30 am here at Mounts Botanical Garden, for unique lessons deepening our understanding and connection to our environment. Here we will focus on grade-related Sunshine State Standards aimed at supplemental hands-on, objective based learning.  All classes are designed by former district science teacher and Program Manager Miss Samantha, to prepare future farmers and stewards of the land how to nurture their student- led garden.

Course Work Descriptions and Objectives

Grade Level: K – 1st
Lesson Title:  Introduction to Botany
Objective: students will show interest and pleasure in the garden by using their senses to explore the butterfly garden.  Students will pick a particular flower and use magnify glasses to study it, and draw what they observe in their field journals.  Students will be able to identify major plant structures stem, roots, and leaves. 

Grade Level: 2nd-3rd
Lesson Title: Life Cycle of a plant
Objective: Students will learn about the major stages in life cycle by observing the plants growing in the vegetable garden.   They will assess what basic needs plants have in order to survive and flourish, and determine what major structures directly contribute to food production, support, water, and nutrient reproduction.  After determining basic plant needs, they will learn how to plant their own seeds by reading a seed packet, planting (sow/germinate) their own seeds for the student led vegetable garden.

Grade Level: 4th– 5th
Lesson Title: Plant Dissection
Objective: Students will gather in our outdoor learning lab to assess the life cycle of a flowering plant, or angiosperms.  Each student will receive a beautiful Asiatic lily, a perfect example of an angiosperm dissect, observe, label and discuss form and function of a flower. 

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Palm Beach County 4-H is a partnership between University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service and Palm Beach County Government. Together, in collaboration with a diverse team of local, state and federal partners they create intentional, long-term, positive youth development opportunities.

For more information on the 4-H program, please visit Palm Beach County 4-H.

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