Virtual Learning is Fun!

Livestream Learning

Check back for our 5th Livestream Event planned for late summer or early fall 2020.

Livestream Event Partnership

Scientist in Every Florida School (SEFS) has partnered with Mounts Botanical Garden to bring interdisciplinary content that connects art, culture and science. SEFS is a free program housed within the Thompson Earth Systems Institute at the University of Florida. The SEFS program connects and builds long-term partnerships between teachers and scientists in order to bring current scientific research and big data into classrooms in Florida and beyond.

Space Plants: Livestream Video Recording

You can now view the video recording from our June 23rd Livestream event with scientists, Dr. Rob Ferl and Dr. Anna Lisa Paul on YouTube.
Wild Architecture: Livestream Video Recording

You can view the video recording from our May 20th Livestream event with architect, Leslie Pearce on YouTube.
Wicked Plants: Livestream Video Recording
You can view the video recording from our May 5th Livestream Event with Dr. Pam Soltis on YouTube.
When Art Meets Science: Livestream Video Recording
You can view our first Livestream Event (from April 21st) with frog expert, Dr. David Blackburn, (Associate Curator of  Herpetology for the Florida Museum) on YouTube.

PBC Earth Day-Inspired Activity Packet

April 22, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Since 1970, Earth Day has increased awareness of the planet we live on, and encouraged people to learn more about pollution, climate change, endangered species, and many other environmental issues. LEARN MORE about the history of Earth Day.

To honor Earth Day’s 50th, Mounts Botanical partnered with 17 other eco-organizations in Palm Beach County to create a special Activity Guide that can be enjoyed any time! LEARN MORE.

Ribbit Activity Packet

Whether you have visited RIBBIT the EXHIBT or not, this Activity Packet is fun for all ages to do at home!