Mission & Vision


To inspire and educate through nature.


We envision our public garden as a nationally acclaimed attraction for residents and visitors alike. Its’ cultural, social and educational activities will draw attendees to enjoy, appreciate and learn from this oasis of tranquil beauty.

Diversity Helps the Garden Grow

Mounts Botanical Garden celebrates diversity in all forms. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and income levels, guides our decisions on staffing, programming, outreach and communications. We strive to inspire and educate through freedom of expression and acceptance of different points of view.

Core Values

Beauty…. Beautiful to the eye and attractive to all the senses. A tranquil oasis that celebrates the humanities.

Inspiration….The Garden is a living museum that connects people with nature; touches people’s hearts and minds; creates a stimulating visitor experience.

Education….Learning is a lifelong process that should be enjoyable and stimulating while helping people understand and support the living world, our cultural and social practices.

Community….Enhance our garden with cultural and nurturing experiences that make our community a special and unique place. A place for families to relate and grow.

Stewardship….Champion environmental conservation and sustainability practices to serve as a model for the community.

Health & Wellness….Offer peace and tranquility to enhance spiritual and restorative well being utilizing garden environments.