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A Mini-Camp for Teens, June 22-25

L.I.T. (Light, Inspiration and Transformation) is a 4-day mini-camp designed for middle and high school students that incorporates the concepts of Light, Inspiration and Transformation as they apply to art and science.

A small sketchbook and a pencil are an invitation to discover the magic of the garden, inspiring an awareness of plant life and local ecology. Nature walks and sketching sessions will help students to develop personal stories while recording their experiences. The sketchbooks will become cherished objects, not only as visual journals but as an integral part of transforming their artistic and scientific expression into a memorable learning experience.

Where Art & Science Intersect

Students will explore how art and science intersect by investigating the diverse, natural world and biology of South Florida’s ecosystem. Daily science activities will be led by MBG Special Projects Manager and biologist, April Krebs. Explorations will include butterfly biology, making a Camera Obscura, creating natural watercolors with fresh flowers and learning how PH changes the tint. A Butterfly Lifecycle Art Project will be led by artist, Jean Howard.

Daily Workshops

Daily workshops will provide students with an essential toolbox to develop their skills and will be led by professional artists, Renata Rodrigues, Marilyn Walter, Hegina Rodrigues, and Craig McInnis.

Workshop 1: The Sketchbook
Using nature as our guide, students will learn drawing fundamentals such as line, shape, form, value, texture and space, and will learn about shading and lighting. Led by Renata and Marilyn.

Workshop 2: The Visual Journal Technique
Visual Journaling is a creative thinking routine, where ideas, concepts or every day thoughts are reflected upon and recorded into the sketchbook. Here students will explore different ways of recording their journey of exploring the natural world, while continuing to work on drawing fundamentals. Led by Renata and Marilyn.

Workshop 3: Adding Color
Students will use a personal color palate to incorporate color and textual mediums to their sketchbook work and bring mystery and uniqueness to their artistic skills. This will be a relaxing workshop, where students can just enjoy adding their final touches. Led by Hegina.

Workshop 4: Contemporary Art Techniques – Turn it Up a Notch!
Artist and designer Craig McInnis will help each student uncover their artistic potential by inspiring them to go BIG and reach for their dream! Craig will share his sketchbook techniques and his process in creating art.

Camp Info
  • Camp hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-2:30 pm
  • Drop off: 8:30-8:45 am; pick up: 2:45-3:15
  • Camp fee: $220 per student for MBG members; $240 per student for nonmembers
  • Extended care is available from 3:15 to 5:30 pm at a rate of $70 per student for the week.
  • Group size will be limited to 15.
  • CLICK to download the required Camp Forms. Please complete and return to akrebs@pbcgov.org.
  • Camp fee includes:
    • Mixed Media Sketchbook, Canson Series, 7×10 inches
    • Watercolor Pan Set
    • Kneaded Rubber Eraser
    • Watercolor Brush No. 6, round brush for ink & watercolor
    • Pencils and pencil sharpener
  • What students should bring: lunch; favorite pens, markers, watercolor pencils, brushes, or pencils in any color.
  • Supplies we will have for students to share:
    • White Gesso
    • Acrylic inks and gouache
    • Watercolor paper
    • Paper towel
    • Xacto knife and small scissors
    • Sharpies (black, fine and thick)
    • Small containers for holding water and pencil shavings
Instructor Bios

Craig McInnis attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and is a professional artist. He has taught art to both teens and adults. A man of many talents, Craig has made music, recorded and nationally toured in numerous bands; painted public and private murals; created fine art, illustrations, graphics, layouts, storyboard art and props for motion pictures; and much more! Craig is also Creative Director of Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Over the past 17 years, he has done horror make-up, graphics, talent booking, casting and management, branding, set design, scenic painting, and his fair share of getting into character. Craig’s intent is to stay focused and to NEVER take his creative gifts for granted.

Renata Rodrigues is a visual artist from Brazil with a Bachelor in Graphic Arts. Her concepts come from whatever is going on around her at the time that sparks her emotions, and her main inspiration is nature. The art process of each piece can change and nothing is set as a rule, as she likes to experiment with different mediums. Her art transforms and creates itself along the way without a specific aesthetic in mind. Every piece is a unique bundle of thoughts, feelings and experimentation. Renata is a private art and swim teacher to all ages.

Hegina Rodrigues is an award-winning, figurative abstract expressionist.  She thinks of herself as an intuitive artist. She paints the figure, bringing focus to emotions rather than the dynamics of the body. Growing up in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, she had no exposure to art as a child and no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions, so she relied on her imagination to create. As an abstract expressionist her art is brought forth directly from intuition and human impulse.  For her, art is a private language, a means of communication. Having traveled the world extensively, her observations of different cultures has influenced her work. Hegina has been working with children of all ages for many years throughout the communities where she has lived. She teaches different ways of creating and how to use eclectic/unconventional materials to make art. She likes to inspire children to be fearless, to express, to dare to create, to have a voice through art.

Marilyn Walter is an active member of the South Florida Arts Community. She teaches drawing, painting, and mixed media. Her own figurative and landscape works have been in numerous shows in Florida, Texas, New Jersey and New York. 

Jean Howard is a former photo editor and photographer for The Palm Beach Post.  She worked with the Center for Creative Education for over a decade, taught art at Sacred Heart School for several years, and returned to the CCE ln 2018. Jean works primarily in watercolor with drawings on recycled seed paper. She earned an M.A. in Photojournalism from Ohio University’s Viscom program and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri.

Additional information

Registration Type

MBG member-no aftercare, MBG member w/aftercare, nonmember-no aftercare, nonmember w/aftercare

Event Details

L.I.T. Art & Science Mini-Camp

Start date: June 22, 2021

End date: June 25, 2021

Start time: 08:30 a.m.

End time: 02:30 p.m.

Phone: 561-233-1775

Email: akrebs@pbcgov.org