Garden Library

This page includes articles/blogs, written by our programs manager, Mallory Cotter as well as other articles of interest. All are designed to give you a behind the scenes view of the Garden as well as some education and inspiration. Enjoy!

Summer Spotlight

Each of the 25 display gardens at Mounts Botanical Garden is a living exhibit, with plants chosen specifically to tell a story about home gardening in a challenging subtropical climate. The gardens illustrate what Palm Beach County residents can emulate in their own spaces, large or small. The Summer Spotlight explores key elements of gardening in South Florida.

Garden Highlights

You are invited to take a “scroll” through MBG and enjoy some of the stories behind our favorite display gardens and the plants that make them so great. Learn something new about the Garden, and have something special to look out for on your next visit!

Frog Blog

The whimsical and captivating Ribbit the Exhibit, was on display from January to mid-July 2020. It featured 23 larger-than-life frog characters created out of copper by North Carolina artist, J.A. Cobb. The Frog Blog is a series of articles that invites you to a behind the scenes look at some of the exhibit pieces themselves and to learn more about our approach to selecting, installing and landscaping art in the Garden.

Other Articles of Interest

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