Societies and Clubs

Gardeners looking for a plant society to join have a great selection here in Palm Beach County! Monthly meetings are held in the Mounts Building Auditorium or the Mounts Botanical Garden Pavilion.

Please contact the organizations directly for further information.

Atala Chapter
North American Butterfly Association NABA

2nd Sunday alternating months @ 1 pm
Teri Jabour, 561-848-4930
(January 12, March 15, 3rd Sunday May 17; no meetings June-September)

Begonia Society
of the Palm Beaches

2nd Monday @ 7:00 pm
(1st Monday in Oct. & Nov.)
Frances Drescher, 561-625-5404
Bonsai Society
of the Palm Beaches

1st Tuesday @ 7:00 pm
John Evan, 561-329-7326
Bromeliad Society
of the Palm Beaches

3rd Thursday @ 7:30 pm
Nick Bethmann, 561-716-8841
Conrad Sunrise Chapter
American Hibiscus Society

3rd Wednesday @ 7:00 pm
Corey Burchfield, 561-954-1494
(no meeting in July)
Evening Herb Society
of the Palm Beaches

Last Tuesday @ 7:00 pm
Ingrid Menz, 561-433-8130
(no meetings in July & August; 2nd Tuesday in December)
Florida Native Plant Society
Palm Beach County Chapter
3rd Tuesday @ 7 pm
Winnie Said, 561-247-3677
Greater Palm Beach Rose Society
4th Monday @ 7 pm
Kathleen Rose, 561-665-0535
(3rd Wednesday in May; no meetings June- August & December)
Orchid Society
of the Palm Beaches
2nd Thursday @ 7 pm
Wayne Green, 561-738-4796
(no meeting in December)
Palm Beach Chapter of the
Rare Fruit Council
2nd Friday @ 7:30 pm
Debra Marcelle-Coney, Ph.D, 855-732-7273
Palm Beach County
Poultry Fanciers Association

4th Friday @ 7 pm
Cori McHugh, 561-628-1246
(no meeting in January; October meeting at Pavilion; 3rd Friday in December)
Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society
1st Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Richard Murray, 561-506-6315
Tropical Orchid Society
4th Thursday @ 7 pm
Brett Weiss, 914-999-0283
(3rd Friday in November; no meeting in December)